FIT museum


Today I took a short visit to the Fashion Institute of Technology museum.  And as you can guess, I’m writing from somewhere within the New York City area, a city with so much fashion, such little time.  I was expecting to see the usual collection of permanent clothing  and the forever changing temporary exhibit.  But what I got to see was mostly student work.  Since it is the end of the semester, students projects that they had been working hard on all semester were completed and for the most part really beautiful and interesting.

It was really cool to see textile design, jewelry design, a superhero exhibit, advertising, graphic design and fashion illustration all done by young, talented and still inspired students.

The permanent collection was full of fashion’s ranging anywhere from the 1800’s to the present.While the downstairs collection  changes every semester.  Although I love them both, for some reason I think the downstairs exhibit is creepy .  They play weird music and the lights are always relatively low.  There are guards that are difficult to see at first that pop up as you walk around.  Just a warning….

They usually have free brochures for you to take home about each exhibit as well.  The most recent temporary exhibits I saw were, Lulu Guinness’s personal couture collection and “Ivy League” which was a look at old university fashion.

I once had an opportunity to interview and work for this museum, but I turned it down to pursue other career options. There will always be some regret I’ll have because of that, only because this museum is awesome and I sincerely recommend the trip!  Admission is free, and it is open weekdays from noon-8:00pm